Risk Services & Solutions

Risk Engineering Services

Chubb's risk management engineering services offer value-added benefits that complement our Canadian customers' insurance programs.

Service Highlights

Equipment Breakdown Evaluations

Inspections and maintenance reviews for boilers and other critical equipment.

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Business Continuation Planning

Analyze, plan and prepare to resume business quickly after a disaster.

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General Liability & Product Liability Evaluations

Assorted Evaluations to help identify risks in your business.

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Property Surveys & Risk Assessments

Identify and eliminate possible sources of loss.

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Risk Management Reviews

Assistance in developing an approach to loss prevention strategy.

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Risk Management Software Tools

A choice of risk management software tools.

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Security Evaluations

Security benefits that complement your loss prevention programs.

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Environmental Risk Engineering Services

We help clients manage their risk by creating environmental solutions that complement their business operations.

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Fleet Engineering Services

Helping clients identify potential causes of loss and recommend a loss prevention strategy for your organization's vehicle fleet.

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Program Risk Engineering Services

We help you manage risk by creating encompassing risk solutions that complement your business operations.

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Construction Risk Engineering Portal

Proprietary tools and resources for Chubb construction clients.

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