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Since the release of our innovative online builders' risk system in 1999, Chubb has advanced the capabilities of web-based solutions for a variety of marine products. Our forward-thinking approach allows you, as brokers, agents and policyholders, to now rely on the ease, accuracy, speed and ever-expanding features of our secure Internet platform.

Solution Highlights

Online Marine

If your company has international transportation exposure, CargoPort - our powerful, web-based application - will enable you to more effectively and efficiently manage your global operations.

u•writer: Builders' Risk
Chubb’s u•writer Builders' Risk interactive underwriting system provides agents with the ability to quickly obtain a rate, quote, binder or policy for builders’ risk for both commercial and residential builders.

u•writer: Contractors' Equipment
u•writer: Contractors' Equipment allows producers to instantaneously generate a rate, quote and binder for contractors' equipment insurance on risks with schedules up to $5 million.

u•writer: Motor Truck Cargo
Processing Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability policies for small fleet motor truck carriers is no longer expensive and tedious. u•writer: Motor Truck Cargo provides select agents with the ability to quickly obtain a rate, quote, binder or policy.