Commercial Marine Insurance

Marine Hull and Protection & Indemnity

Make the most of your marine insurance by taking advantage of Chubb’s vast experience, broad marine insurance for inland and coastal commercial vessel operators, and flexible solutions.

Coverage Highlights


  • Extensive coverage offerings
  • Solutions and policy terms tailored for the size and complexity of exposure
  • Marine industry expertise
  • Fast, flexible underwriting response
  • Quality claims handling
  • Broad global network capabilities, with Chubb-owned offices in major markets and a network of long-term partners committed to Chubb's global standards
  • Backed by Chubb's financial strength and industry-leading technology

Coverage & Services

  • Passenger vessels, including excursion, ferries, and charter boats
  • Oceanographic research vessels
  • Barges deck, hopper, tank, and construction
  • Builders' Risk coverage
  • Ability to offer multi-line coverage by combining with other Chubb products
  • Marine Advisory Services, including loss control, condition survey, full inspection of P&I exposures, commercial hull surveys, assessments of vessel conditions, operation assessment based on areas/seasons navigated and captain/crew competency, recommendations for corrective action and damage surveys
  • Commercial marine claims and recovery services


  • $5,000 minimum premium

Target Clients

Operators of:

  • Passenger vessels
  • Oceanographic research vessels
  • Inland and coastal working vessels

Restricted classes:

  • Commercial towing risks


  • Commercial Hull Editable Application