Management Liability

Management Liability for Financial Institutions

An insurance solution for banks, credit unions, insurance companies and asset managers.

Private Equity+

A solution for the unique personal and business exposures that could result from performing or failing to perform the duties of private equity firms.

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Employment Practices Liability

Broad protection for the wide spectrum of employment allegations. In addition to costing your company money by way of defence costs or settlements, an EPL charge can tarnish your company's image, dampen employee morale and hurt recruiting and retention efforts.

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Directors & Officers Liability

Broad insurance coverage for the risks facing directors', officers' and management of publicly traded and privately held companies.

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Venture Capital Asset Protection

Chubb’s comprehensive policy provides venture capital and private equity firms with an effective, comprehensive way to transfer and migrate many of their most significant liabilities by combining four coverages into a single policy.

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Fidelity Bonds

From theft and vandalism to social engineering and employee fraud, your financial institution faces a wide array of potentially costly risks. Your insurance solution should be equally broad and flexible to provide the utmost protection.

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Asset Management Protector by Chubb

A flexible, modular liability insurance policy that helps protect firms and funds from their most critical professional and management liability exposures.

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Bankers Professional Liability

In today's competitive environment, banks and credit unions continue to introduce a broad range of new services, many of which go beyond "traditional" banking operations. The more services financial institutions offer to their customers, the more their customer base grows, the greater chance of being sued over alleged errors and omissions especially when fees are involved.

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Fiduciary Liability

We offer broad fiduciary liability coverage to help protect the company, fiduciaries, and the benefit plans they manage.

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Cyber Security

Our policy provides broad, third-party liability and first-party expense coverage to financial institutions of all types.

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The moulding landscape of the financial services industry presents new opportunities and challenges. For over 35 years, we at Chubb Canada, have designed and delivered the best insurance products to meet the needs of a demanding marketplace.