Group Life Insurance in Brazil - Chubb

Group Life

  • More than 60 coverages available.
  • Modalities: Corporate, Small & Mid-size business and Global Capital.
  • Close partnership with insurance brokers.

No life is the same as the  other. That is why  we use creativity and innovation so to offer specific solutions for each client. Our insurance can be stipulated by companies, associations, cooperatives and representative entities or unions, with or without participation of policyholders in funding.

Together we are happier.

Your employees in peace with life.

Tranquility to live, tranquility to work.


  • Corporate: options of combination of guarantees and additional coverages, customizable by the policyholder or the insured himself.
  • Small and Mid-size Business: quick contracting and products designed for Trade Associations Collective Agreements.
  • Global Capital: operational ease for HR after hiring.

SUSEP number products: 10.002766/00-19; 15414.004053/2011-76. 15414.005368/2006-73; 15414.004166/2011-71.

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