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The economy, legislation and consumer behavior change quickly and, to help the industry to keep pace, we offer fast and tailored solutions to the most varied demands.

Group Life

The coverages encompass employees, associations, cooperatives and representative entities.

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Patrimonial Risks

The coverages encompass compensation for material damage and financial loss for commercial and industrial risks.

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The coverages encompass protection to the cargo in Brazil and abroad, for maritime, air, land, lake and fluvial transportation.

Transport Company Liability

Often mandatory, the coverages vary according to modal, vehicle, merchandise, customer profile and types of risk.

Engineering Risks

The coverages encompass construction, installation and assembling of buildings, civil works and industrial plants.

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Coverage that ensures the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

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General Liability

The coverages encompass protection against personal and/or material damage to third parties, if they are found to be liable for indemnity claims.

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