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The laws protect the consumer, but impose high risks to companies that deal with entertainment, leisure and sports, as well as sports centers, arenas, stadiums, theaters, cinemas, museums, among others.

Group Life

The coverages encompass employees, associations, cooperatives and representative entities.

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General Liability

The coverages encompass protection against personal and/or material damage to third parties, if considered civilly liable.

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Small & Mid-size Enterprises

Several products, tailored to each profile. The coverages encompass Individuals, Assets and Micro-insurances.

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Film Production

The coverages encompass protection to film production against the unexpected and ensure that it is made.


The coverages encompass protection against unexpected issues and enables an array of different events, from seminars to mega shows.

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Patrimonial Risks

The coverages encompass compensation for material damage and financial loss on commercial and industrial risks.

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For financial institutions, pays off debts in case of unexpected events.

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