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  • Offshore and Onshore Markets: Oil Exploration and Production, Refineries and Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Chemical, Pulp; and Ethanol Plants.
  • Tailormade solutions for your exposures.
  • Risk management designed by specialists.

The Energy activity involves an enormous structure and deep technical knowledge by  both the insured and the insurer. The risk is not only financial, with the business interruption, but also humam. In this type of insurance, we manage the risks of your company protecting it against unexpected issues. 

Total attention to your risk.

For big risks, big specialists.


  • Financial health to guarantee protection to the client assets.
  • High capacity limits.
  • One of the primary players of this segment in the worldwide market.

ACE Seguradora S.A SUSEP number products: 15414.001836/2007-11; 15414.001905/2010-92; 15414.001949/2010-12; 15414.002000/2010-30; 15414.002054/2010-03; 15414.002709/2008-11; 15414.003092/2007-70; 15414.003119/2007-24; 15414.003150/2007-65; 15414.003252/2007-81; 15414.004146/2011-09; 15414.900187/2015-43; 15414.900362/2015-01 ; 15414.900363/2015-47; 15414.900627/2014-81; 15414.902186/2013-71; 15414.902187/2013-16.   Chubb do Brasil Cia. de Seguros SUSEO number products: 15414.000242/2005-21; 15414.001842/2005-15; 15414.001841/2005-62; 15414.000148/2011-11; 15414.902263/2013-93.