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Film Production

  • Insurance for Long and Short Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Series and Videos.
  • Coverages for the Cast, Support Team, Equipment, Property, Liability, Sindicine/Shooting Film and Media Guard (Media Companies).
  • Loss Control: benefit to policyholders which aims to identify any failures and offer the best solutions to mitigate or eliminate losses during the shooting.

Producers and professionals in the film industry are used to face different situations that could jeopardise or interrupt a project. And we are used to develop products that safeguard them from these problems. Reference in the segment, we have an international network of service and are prepared to meet all customer needs.

Frame by frame, side by side.

Safety and peace of mind to produce your art.

International experience of almost 50 years in the film production market and products tailored for national productions.


  • Insurer pioneer in the film industry.
  • Complete coverages solution.
  • Differentiated services.
  • Team highly specialized in consulting, risk analysis and claims regulations.
  • Medical examinations for key people in the cast.


  • Cast: coverage for extra costs of production caused by death, personal injury or illness of key production people.
  • Support: coverages encompass expenses with remake due to damage to sensitive material, where images and sounds are recorded.
  • Rented Equipment, Sets, Costumes, Scene Objects and Extra Expenses: coverages that encompass damage related to equipment and objects, as well as additional production costs.
  • Third Party Property and Liability: coverages encompass damage to third party property in the insured care, and personal injury and material damage caused to third parties during production.
  • Insurance Sindicine/Shooting: developed to ensure peace of mind to the cast, it offers coverage for Death, Accidental Death, Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident, Hospital and Dental Expenses
  • Media Guard (Liability Professional Insurance): coverages that encompass protection to media companies (Publishers, Advertising Agencies, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV Broadcasters, Film Producers) and their employees, from claims arising from negligence, errors and omissions.

SUSEP number products: 15414.900951/2014-08; 15414.001792/2005-68; 15414.004280/2011-00; 15414.005368/2006-73.