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  • Insurance for trade fairs, conferences, shows, exhibitions and sporting events.
  • Covers for organizers, promoters, sponsors and service providers.
  • Events Online system: to contract Events Civil Liability Insurance, Events Sundry Risks and Personal Accidents.

Events are dynamic and often unpredictable. But organizers, promoters, sponsors and service providers can rest assured that we have a highly specialized consulting, risk analysis and regulatory claims team. We are at your  disposal to offer differentiated services and our international service network.

The show must go on.

Expertise to guarantee that the events take place

Pioneering to provide complete and tailormade protection to shows and events of all sizes.


  • Events Liability: the coverages encompass protection against personal and/or material damage to third parties, with additional coverage for Artists; Athletes; Food and Drinks; Installation and Assembly; Cross Liability; Employer; Properties; Contingent Risks; Terrestrial Motorized at the Service of the Production; Subsidiary of Transport; Goods; Fireworks; Garage Keeper; Third-party Property; Moral Damage; Collapse of Structures, Cabins, Stages and Tents.
  • Chubb Pro E&O (Events): Professional Liability Insurance whose coverages encompass the protection of the organizing companies and their employees in situations such as claims arising from error, omission or failure, failure to provide a service in a timely manner or incomplete.
  • Cancellation, Postponement and Interruption: the coverages encompass compensation for expenses caused by possible cancellation, postponement or interruption of the event.
  • Sundry Risks: the coverages encompass compensation in situations of loss and/or damage caused during the event, such as: Luggage; Office Goods; Copies of Films; Miscellaneous Equipment; Movable and in Exhibition Equipment; Photos and Videos; Musical Instruments; Temporary Structures; Scenographic Objects; Decoration, Furniture, Stands and Accessories; Wedding Gifts; Wedding Attires; Theft of Valuables – Ticket Box; Theft of Values in the hands of Carriers. Short Term Personal Accident/Events Personal Accidents: the coverages encompass compensation for unforeseen events occurred to the staff, public, celebrities and participants in general, to whom we offer coverages in situations of Accidental Death, Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident; Total Permanent Disability due to Accident; Dental and Hospital Medical Expenses.
  • Loss Control: benefit to policyholders which aims to identify possible shortcomings and offer the best solutions to mitigate or eliminate losses at the venue.

SUSEP number products: 15414.900716/2013-47. 15414.000142/2005-03; 15414.002129/2012-18; 15414.004280/2011-00; 15414.900076/2014-56.