About Chubb in Bermuda

Executive Profiles

Learn more about Chubb and meet the executives who make Chubb an insurance and reinsurance leader.

Joseph S. Clabby
  • Vice President, Chubb Group, Chairman, Chubb Bermuda and Executive Vice President, North America Field Operations
Judy Gonsalves
  • Vice President, Chubb Group, Division President, Chubb Bermuda
Robert Rebellato
  • Senior Vice President, Head of Excess Property
April Andruczyk
  • Senior Vice President, Head of Excess Liability
Philippe Bacon
  • Senior Vice President, Chubb Bermuda , Financial Lines Executive
John Lenzen
  • Executive Vice President, Claims & Chief Claims Counsel, Chubb Bermuda
Richard Porter
  • Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Samantha Froud
  • Chief Administration Officer, Bermuda Operations
Jim Duncan
  • Chief Executive Officer, Chubb Bermuda International
George Ohsiek
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Bermuda Operations
Nick Rowse
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Bermuda Operations
Samuel Peters
  • Senior Vice President & Chief Actuary, Bermuda Operations
Price Lowenstein
  • Division President, Sovereign Risk Insurance Ltd.
James E. Wixtead
  • Senior Vice President, Chubb Group, President, Chubb Tempest Re Group
Michael O'Donnell
  • Division President, Chubb Tempest Re USA
Dennis C. Quinn
  • General Counsel to Chubb Tempest Re Group
Constantin Petalas
  • Division President, Chubb Tempest Re Canada
Steve Roberts
  • Division President, Chubb Tempest Re International
Tim Mardon
  • Division President, Chubb Tempest Re Bermuda