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Property Risk Engineering

The professional worldwide risk engineers within our team consists of experienced, technical specialized and service oriented field & account engineers. They advise and provide national & international clients high-quality and effective services in risk management and loss control. Our risk engineers have the experience, knowledge and the means to provide support for our clients to prevent damages, and if damages do appear to help minimize the impact.

Global Risk Engineering Program

Global Risk Engineering Program requires an integrated risk management approach based on both central control and local expertise. Our risk engineers support our clients -  who often are among the most famous companies in the world  – with the development of custom made risk management and loss control programs. This gives them access to correct information to support the risk management process.

Our risk engineering professionals advices relate to the Best Practices per industry and the Best Way to apply them. Our risk engineers provide reliable advice in the field of product related process risks, risk management and identification of unusual property risks, based on extensive location visits and client consultations. During these visits the emphasis lies on both the human factor and the physically present risks at the company. But because risk profiles of businesses don’t only relate to the own premises, we also look for example at  supply chain risks, etc..

The account engineer within our company coordinates the risk engineering program with multiple field engineers depending on the size and needs of the insurance program. This ensures that the available knowledge is optimally used for the risk engineering program and contributes to a long-term collaboration. The report is customized to fit the company format and needs of the organisation.

Consolidated high level risk information can be presented by an account engineer in a summarised, up to date, overview where trends and results are periodically presented.

Extensive industry experience

Our engineers have direct experience or relevant qualifications in a very large number of industries, matching the wide variety of sectors in which our clients operate, such as:

  • Telecommunications 
  • Transportation 
  • Real estate 
  • Metal fabrication 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Healthcare 
  • Public Service sector 
  • Etc.

Please note that this is a limited sample of the industries where we are involved in.

We have risk management experience in many more industries. Combine our strengths with that of the client, and achieve total control of a company’s Property Risk Engineering insurance program.