We insure the complex and specific liability risks that IT-companies have to deal with. Locally but also internationally. Companies within the IT-sector know first hand how quickly technological developments arise and change. At Chubb, we recognize that this asks for flexible insurance solutions that can easily be adapted to meet the needs of today. 

Who better to understand the complex risks IT-companies face than people specialized in this line of business? We are the only Dutch insurer with a department of specialists dedicated to the reliability risks of IT-companies. 

Unique advantage of our policy

  • All IT products and services are covered. Even if you change your portfolio of products and services during the duration of the policy, you can be sure that no product or service will be excluded. Consistent coverage is guaranteed for the entire duration of the policy.
  • Flexibility of contractual conditions. We do not oblige our insureds to commit to our contractual conditions. We are flexible in this matter and are happy to accept the conditions of our principals. 
  • Coverage for late delivery. There are numerous automation projects that are delayed or even canceled. As an insured of Chubb, you can be sure that the financial consequences thereof are covered. 
  • Damage will not lead to contract termination. We recognize the importance of consistent and continuous coverage. Even if a claim occurs, Chubb will not terminate the contract before it ends. 
  • Coverage for data loss. The damage caused by loss of data/software is covered by our policy.