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Kidnap, ransom & extortion

When your company conducts business overseas you are prepared for language barriers, exotic customs and diverse negotiating styles. What you cannot predict, however, is political upheaval and the increased danger of abduction and extortion.

Kidnapping is big business. There are an estimated 8000 kidnappings worldwide with annual global takings of $500m. With a vast increase in kidnapping over the last six years it is becoming a fact of life in many of the world’s most dangerous territories.

Kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance from Chubb includes wide ranging cover and the knowledge that you will be advised through the situation by the best in the business. We believe few other insurers provide such comprehensive coverage.

Standard cover includes

  • Kidnap & Ransom cover
    • In case person is actually abducted
    • In case a ransom was paid in the belief that a person had been taken
    • Interest costs for a loan taken to pay the ransom or extortion payment
  • Extortion cover
    • Do bodily harm to an employee as well as his/her family which are politically motivated
    • Cause damage to any premises or tangible property located on the company’s premises
    • Contaminate the products manufactured or distributed by the company
    • Disseminate, divulge or utilise the company’s proprietary information
    • Introduce a computer virus against the company