Accident & Health for Business and Brokers
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Accident & Health Insurance

Chubb offers a wide variety of accident and health policies to businesses, protecting people, travel arrangements and their belongings as well as providing a 24hour helpline in case of emergencies.

Accident & Health Insurance Products

Business Travel

No business wants disaster to strike its employees while away on company business. Business Travel policies provide a comprehensive range of benefits covering medical, personal and travel-related events at competitive prices.

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Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident Insurance for businesses and brokers from Chubb has a proven track record of providing employee benefits solutions to leading brands.

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Credit Card Related Coverage

We offer insurance solutions tailored to the specific risks that credit cards bring along. Accident & health coverage is one of the many types of coverage we offer in this field.

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Event Cover

We cover groups of people when making their way to or during all types of events, like sportive or relaxive events in Belgium, Luxemburg or abroad.

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War risk cover

We have a proven track record of providing war risk cover in disturbed areas. We insure people with a broad range of professions, who undertake business travel or are temporarily established in disturbed areas.

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