We hire and train qualified local people giving tremendous strength to our organization and allowing our employees to work more closely with their local clients.

To equip our people with the tools and knowledge they need, we provide training opportunities both globally and regionally. For example, our Management Development Curriculum ensures consistent training for all our managers around the world.

We are an underwriting company, and our underwriting and claims professionals are recognized for their deep industry knowledge coming from many years of experience. We provide informal and formal technical training to ensure that this expertise is passed on to those who are in the earlier stages of their careers. In addition, we provide encouragement and support for employees for their relevant professional trainings.

Given that our employees are so geographically dispersed, technology plays a key role in our people development processes. Our Global Village and online learning platforms are constantly being updated to ensure that we are leveraging technology to better equip our people.

By combining management, technical and professional learning, and by making this learning available to our employees in a variety of ways, we ensure that we have the required skills in place to achieve individual and commercial goals.