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Apps & Tools

Serve clients and run your business better, faster, and more efficiently with our innovative digital solutions

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We provide useful and critical insights to facilitate your client conversations

Chubb Worldview 

Helps you and your large and multinational clients effectively manage and track all aspects of their risk management program in real time. This proprietary platform has won multiple industry awards.

Travel Smart

For business travelers who receive the Travel Smart Tool as part of Chubb’s Business Travel Accident insurance policies. Provides easy and direct access to immediate medical and security assistance, including live, location-based alerts to help staff stay safe – all while keeping Risk/HR Managers informed of traveling employees’ locations and potential risks, worldwide.

Chubb Cyber Index

Helps you optimize cyber insurance offerings for your clients and prospects with interactive, real-time Chubb proprietary claims data on prevailing cyber threats and historical incident trends, viewable by company size and industry.

Chubb Cyber Alert App

Affords Chubb policy-holders immediate access via mobile device to 24/7 incident reporting and response service resources, to help mitigate loss in the event of a cyber incident.

Environmental Incident Alert 

Gives your Chubb Environmental clients 24/7 access to reporting, qualified site cleanup, and/or remediation resources when unexpected environmental pollution occurs. Helps monitor incident cleanup costs and mitigate potential liabilities.