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We take great pride in our claims handling responsibilities and over the years have built a name and a reputation for providing empathetic claims service in a fair and prompt manner.

As claims management has become increasingly complex, and lines of business more diverse, we continue to follow our original claims principle: treat each customer the way we would like to be treated, with empathy, promptness, expertise, fairness and integrity.

Below are some examples of recent claims we have settled, much to the delight of our broker partners and clients. 

Risk                        Industry               Business                              Amount              

Public Liability    Retail                     Casualty                               $2,300                   Empathy and guidance 

Cyber                    Technology         Financial Lines                   $816,323              Expertise in complex BI Claims    

A & H                     Specialty Risk     A&H                                       $9,000                   Empathy and fairness

Property              Personal               Personal Lines                   $10,000                 Knowledge and sensitivity to                                                                                                                                                      Insureds needs

Property              Commercial        ISR                                          $3,000                   Proactive claims handling             

Public Liability

The Insured is the owner of a small grocery store in Perth, WA (Premises). On 8 June 2020, the Claimant (a retiree in her 60’s) was walking in the Premises when she tripped and injured herself. She issued a demand to the Insured for unparticularised costs associated with medical treatment.

Initial settlement discussions occurred with the Claimant and an offer of settlement was made.  This offer was rejected by the Claimant, who felt that her concerns were not being fully appreciated.

After spending time to understand the claimants claim the claims handler obtained the Insured’s agreement for a small increase in the offer to settle her claim. The offer was accepted. The Claimant advised that she was willing to accept the offer due to the time and kindness shown to her by Chubb.

Claimant Feedback

“Thank you for your professionalism & kindness in your handling of this claim, it was ever so appreciated. Management of people is ever so important, and you are an asset to your company."


The Insured fell victim to a phishing attack, which lead to the company being unable to tender for new contracts with one of their clients for a period of time, resulting in a loss of revenue. The Insured sought cover for BI Loss sustained and Chubb completed a thorough coverage analysis and engaged forensic loss adjusters to assist with the assessment of the claim. Chubb covered the full amount claimed, less the applicable d. These claims can be complex and whilst we required some additional time to complete a thorough review of this claim, the broker acknowledged and praised the claims handler’s work.

Broker Feedback

Thank you very much for your phone call and acceptance of this claim in full.

As discussed on the phone, I have personally been an advocate of Chubb Insurance for many years and my position to many of our larger clients is that if they have a claim, they want to be insured with Chubb. Even though this claim has taken longer than hoped, I do accept that large losses need to be thoroughly assessed and business interruption losses are challenging to validate.

The insured passes their thanks to Chubb. Thank you again for your support on this matter

Accident & Health

The Insured submitted a claim on the 7th Jan 2021 on behalf of his daughter who suffered a leg injury while skiing on a covered school trip. The claimant required surgery and subsequent physio rehabilitation. Upon receipt of the claim Chubb accepted cover the following day and requested further information required for processing the benefits. These benefits were processed within one day of receiving the requested information.

Initially the claimant’s father was disappointed that we were unable to cover expenses that fell outside of the policy provisions, however after reaching out to provide an explanation, he appreciated our clear communication, simplified claims process and prompt service. As a result, the claim was paid quickly, and thesent a compliment to the school below.

Client feedback

The test of an insurer is always what they do at claims time. In that light, I cannot speak highly enough of Chubb insurance. They were clear at the outset on what they could legally .  They paid all the physio claims in full and on time.

Personal Lines Property

Severe weather events in March this year caused water ingress to the Insured’s property. The claim was submitted and later that day Brisbane went into a complete lockdown due to COVID-19. It was critical that the property was made safe as quickly as possible.  

Within two hours of the claim notification, the examiner engaged a Chubb panel builder to urgently attend that day to assess the extent of damage. Chubb authorised the builder to carry out the required make safe works the same afternoon. It was especially important that works were completed before the lockdown began.

Our examiner was able to quickly identify immediate risks to the client based on the first notification of damage and assess the urgency of works required to ensure that the Insured could safely reside in the property during the lockdown period.

Broker Feedback

"Thank you for your proactive approach! You must have worked wonders to get Maincom out there prior to lockdown this evening. Really appreciate your efforts and look forward to receiving further information once the roof report has been received."

 "This is the first claim we have had this year where I have not had to follow up a single item along the way. Cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done in managing this claim. "

Industry Special Risks

The Insured's employee accidentally damaged the roller door of the Insured’s premises with a forklift truck. The examiner identified during triage that all information required to validate the claim was attached with the brokers initial claim notification. Our examiner was able to undertake a desktop assessment and pay the claim within 4 hours of Chubb receiving the notification.

Broker Feedback

Thanks for getting this claim paid within only hours of lodgment.  This is why I love dealing with .



Insureds floor sander was stolen from a job site. The claim was lodged 30th October and once the handler had reviewed the claim and was able to review further information provided by the Insured the claim was accepted and settled within 48 hours.

Broker Feedback

I really appreciate your prompt action and support on this claim. A+ service

Malicious damage caused to the Insureds glass shop front and signage. The claim was lodged on the 22nd September and the Chubb handler was able to approve settlement of the glass claim the same day whilst seeking EFT details and requesting information to substantiate the cost to replace the signage. Chubb settled the works for the glass direct with the repair company and settle out the remaining claim once the further information was received within 4 weeks of the claim being submitted.

Broker Feedback

Great, thank you for your assistance on this matter, your service was excellent

The Insured accidentally damaged the screen of their laptop. The Broker provided original invoice, technician report and repair quote the following day after lodgement. The Claim was received on 02/03/2021 and settled on 03/03/2021.

Broker Feedback

I have copied in your Team Leader as this was an exceptional claims experience from start to finish. A very welcome change for myself and our client to experience an extremely fast, responsive claim from start to finish. This is all the moreso wonderful considering the last year we have all endured where the simplest insurance matters would go awry, collapse and leave us at our wits end.

The Insured discovered their cooler fridge was warm. Invoice from electrician confirmed a change in motor is required due to fusion. Further information was requested including the age of item and whether insured was registered for GST. Claim was then settled within 48 hours of receipt.

Broker Feedback

Fantastic thank you so much for your prompt action.

Tropical Cyclone Damien caused damage to the Insured’s buildings. Despite being in a rural area (some 1,500 km from Perth) Chubb were able to promptly arrange attendance by loss adjusters and builders who were deployed to the area to assess the loss and conduct repairs.

Broker Feedback

You have again demonstrated how Chubb sits above the rest with respect to claims management. Look forward to working with you again soon.