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Chubb Personal Lines Webinar: Trends in Insurance Fraud & Protection from Water Damage

Webinar description: Watch Chubb’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) as we discuss the latest trends in insurance fraud, including why people engage in insurance fraud and what Chubb is doing in their efforts to combat this growing problem. Also hear directly from WaterSecure Co, Chubb’s new partner in our on-going efforts to reduce the impact of water damage on your clients. Increase your knowledge of what clients can do to minimise water damage losses and take a closer look at the features of WaterSecure’s water shut off device, including the installation process.

In conversation with Kevin Walsh Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Manager, Claims, A&NZ Chubb, Mark Treppo Risk Consulting Manager, Personal Risk Services, A&NZ Chubb and Marcus Fantl Co-Founder WaterSecure Co.

Your Questions Answered

At what point does the cost of investigating a potential instance of fraud outweigh the benefit of excluding the claim? Or how would Chubb determine whether the benefit would outweigh the cost?

The cost of investigating the claim is not normally a consideration. If there is merit in an investigation i.e. fraud indicators are triggered, the claim should be investigated. Cost of investigation can be controlled via Desktop vs In Person investigations for example.

Will we get an email about the free water leak shut off device? Also what does it normally cost?

Please see the link referenced in the thankyou email for more details on the free water leak shut off device for new Signature clients or visit this page. The current recommended retail cost is $1,299 with existing Masterpiece & Chubb Home clients entitled to a $200 discount on this cost available until the end of the year.

The App relies on internet connection on the phone. Do you have backup if the internet connection fails?

If the internet fails you will not be able to communicate with the device, however it will still operate as normal. When the internet is restored you will see all the data generated while offline. 

Can the shut off device be installed with PVC piping?

It is not designed to be installed on PVC piping, however the plumber can create a copper join on which the device sits.

Does the device form part of the 'home network' requiring same to be fully functional and the app also present on same to work?

The device and your phone app communicate via the internet and not your 'home network'.

What is the approximate cost to install the water leak shut off device?

Typical standard install is between $300 and $500.



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