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Chubb's Head of Human Resources, A&NZ, talks about the importance of Safe Work Month, why Chubb chose to get involved, and some of the things we're doing as a company to manage the health and safety of our employees. 

Safe Work Month 2021

Why did Chubb choose to get involved with National Safe Work Month?

Safe Work Month is a feature of our Work, Health and Safety calendar every year. It is a great opportunity to remind our people and leaders of our commitment to their health and safety and also their role in making Chubb a happy and safe workplace for everyone.  

What factors are important to consider for safe and healthy work today, compared to pre Covid-19 times?  

Creating a safe and healthy workspace and a happy and healthy workforce was a key pillar in our people strategy prior to Covid-19. However, the impact of the pandemic has accelerated some of the emerging risks and brought health and safety to the forefront of everyone’s minds in the organisation. Our leaders are learning new ways to lead and new skills that they need to support their teams psychologically and physically. For our team members, they are learning how they need to operate differently to keep themselves and their team mates happy and healthy. As an organisation we are focussed on our current response and our longer term strategy of continuing to ensure we provide the support, tools and capability needed to create a healthy, happy workforce and workspace. Key areas of focus include: leadership capability build, psychological and psychosocial focus, WFH set up and Covid-19 safe plans and policies for the office.      

What is Chubb focussing on to commit to ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe’ this month?

We have launched a 4 week calendar of focus, with each week targeting a particular topic. We are targeting physical and psychological wellbeing, organising webinars with guest speakers, providing tools and tips to raise awareness on thinking safe, working safe, and being safe. For example, we kicked off Safe Work Month with a keynote presentation and Q&A with Shane Fitzsimmons, Commissioner of Resilience NSW. 

How do you personally maintain a safe and healthy environment in your own home and in the office? 

My priority personally to maintain energy and focus is to eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep. I commit to walking every morning and I use the Calm app at night. I also put a ‘do not disturb’ on my phone to make sure I am not distracted in the middle of the night. At the office, I make sure I am eating in the kitchen to get away from my desk and I drink a lot of water throughout the day. I also check my workstation set up in the office and at home to ensure best ergonomics. I do this often too, as things move. I also move and stretch a lot, sometimes walking around in meetings instead of staying seated. 

What are Chubb leaders doing to ensure their teams are safe and healthy in today’s Work From Home environment?

We implemented a number of leadership rhythms early on and we have stayed committed to checking in on everyone to make sure people feel supported. Leaders have regular meetings and stand-ups with their team and individual team members to make sure they stay connected and provide the support needed. We conduct a wellbeing check-in survey every two months asking if people feel supported and whether they need more support from their leaders, so that we can take action if needed. Leaders have access to additional advice through a Manager Assistance program that our EAP provides. We have also organised webinars that give leaders support in leading teams in virtual and hybrid environments.