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With 17 years experience as a lawyer in the financial services industry, Morgane Poullain is well positioned for her new role as Privacy Officer for Australia and New Zealand. We sat down with Morgane to find out more about her role and how Chubb is committed to upholding privacy and data regulations.

Privacy Officer, Australia & New Zealand

Tell us a bit about your career - when did you first join Chubb and what was your role?

I’ve worked as a lawyer my whole career – I decided that’s what I wanted to be at age 13 and haven’t deviated from the plan! I’ve been working as a lawyer in the financial services industry for the last 17 years, initially in France and the UK before coming to Australia in 2008. I first joined Chubb as a Legal Counsel in 2018.

What will you be responsible for and what are you most looking forward to in your new role?

As the new Privacy Officer, I will be responsible for ensuring Chubb adheres to privacy laws, information security and data regulations, and Chubb’s policies throughout Australia and New Zealand. I’m most looking forward to working collaboratively with the Chubb Global Privacy team and the broader business to ensure Chubb is compliant with these regulations and processes – I really enjoy working with others.


What will your role as Privacy Officer for Australia and New Zealand look like day-to-day?

Day-to-day I will be drafting and reviewing data related agreements and policies.  I will also investigate data/privacy incidents and breaches, recommend rectification actions and advise the business on the legal aspects of privacy, information security and data management. Working with the global team, I’ll also be responsible for analysing and implementing reforms, making sure Chubb is ready to comply before legislation becomes enforceable. As part of my role, I’ll be providing regular privacy reporting to the Board/Boards Committee and our Global Privacy office.

Chubb is committed to upholding privacy and data regulations - can you tell us a bit more about this and how it's achieved?

Privacy is a growing field and particularly important for Chubb as we continue to expand to the consumer market where we will collect, store and manage more and more personal, often sensitive, information. It’s crucial we have governance in place to protect our customer data and ensure that Chubb meets all privacy and data regulations.

Australia, along with the rest of the world, is following in the footsteps of Europe when it comes to privacy and data regulation. I feel like my experience practicing law in France and the UK in the early stages of my career has given me some useful insights which will help.

What do you like about working at Chubb?

There is a culture at Chubb that enables teams to positively build and grow together by supporting each other. My team is amazing, and my favourite part about working at Chubb is the positive and supportive culture that we have. I feel very lucky to work with talented, driven and passionate professionals with integrity who support each other. We are almost like a little family with a keen determination to make a difference!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love art, particularly drawing. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, swimming and stand-up paddle boarding – I have a sporty husband who drags me everywhere and keeps me in shape!

Where is next to visit on your travel list?

My husband and I haven’t been back home since 2015, so we will be traveling back to Europe next month for four weeks – I’m very much looking forward to seeing my family!