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Marie Domingo is a Team Lead for Chubb's Property and Residential Claims division. She manages a team of claims examiners who handle Chubb's fast track claims for Business Pack, Strata and Industrial Special Risks insurance. 

With over 13 years of exerience in the insurance industry, Marie started in an administration role, before moving into a claims role in Financial Lines. She then went on to work as a claims specialist in the areas of Energy, Property, Construction and Marine, before joining Chubb in 2019 as a Property Claims Examiner, handling mid to large strata and ISR matters. Earlier this year she moved into her current role. With such a broad background working across a number of claims divisions, we sat down with Marie to find out what she enjoys most about her current role, and the most valuable lessons she's learnt along the way.

Chubb Property Claims Team Lead

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy collaborating with my team and helping them develop their technical claims skillsets. My team is responsible for the commercial fast track claims and I enjoy being able to provide a good outcome for our brokers and Insureds through this service. I work closely with the other Team Leads in Property and being able to see things from their perspective and learning from them has been enjoyable for me as well.

Can you describe a particular claim that was memorable for you?

Whilst I was a Claims Examiner, I had a vulnerable Insured undergoing medical treatment who unfortunately had water ingress that made their property uninhabitable. I dealt with them directly and instructed our restorers to go out to the property on an urgent basis, meanwhile I stayed in touch with the Insured and organised their temporary accommodation to ensure the process was as hassle free for them as possible. The Insured was very appreciative of the way we took care of them and how we handled the claim. They even rang me a few times just to say thank you!

What do you think sets the Chubb claims service apart from competitors?

The people at Chubb pride ourselves on our claims service and I know that our Claims Examiners take ownership of each and every claim that comes across their desk. We always try to provide the best possible outcome for our Insureds and treat each claim with care.

Do you have any tips on how other claims examiners can go the extra mile when it comes to dealing with claims?

Always approach a claim with an open mind and empathy, because at the other end of it there is a customer who is more than likely distressed about their current situation. It’s also important to always try and find a way to assist our Insureds where we can.