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With over 12 years of exerience in the insurance industry, Justin Sloan's current role as eBusiness Manager sees him aligning platform technology support and operations with Chubb's business strategy. Working with a team of support analysts, developers, testers and technical leads to solve complex problems and find solutions, Justin also works to facilitate actuarial and product change into various platforms to aid business growth from a technical perspective.

Chubb eBusiness Manager, Australia

Briefly describe the responsibilities of an eBusiness Manager at Chubb?

I work on implementing and operating the eBusiness support model, which encompasses a combination of ITIL production support methodologies, customer experience and continuous improvement to insurance product rate, rules and general maintenance for Chubb Policy Administration systems and external sales channels.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the diversity across the Chubb practise in general; working with a broad range of individuals and teams across A&NZ, Asia and the US and contributing to a vision that everyone holds to always be better.

Tell us about a recent project that you were particularly proud of. 

I am proud of the support processes we have implemented and their alignment with Chubb's IT compliance (I am a nerd for this). I'm also proud of the production support model across our external facing platforms, in particular our release management processes and operations.

How do you keep the Chubb customer in mind in your role day to day?

I think by being helpful to my colleagues whenever possible. I believe that every bit of help eventually contributes to the greater good of the customer. I try to always be mindful of the small things - sometimes that little bit more can go a long way, and also being mindful of our customer's experience in each item that comes across my desk. I try to not only be good, but be great!