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Since joining the Chubb team as National Cornerstone Key Account Manager in July this year, Danny’s passion to always deliver an exceptional customer experience for our clients has stood out.

He has been heavily involved in delivering our H2 strategic reviews with our 23 Cornerstone partners, taken part in a number of our Cornerstone events (most notably Claims Business School and Cornerstone Academy), and all the while enduring months of lockdown in Melbourne.

Covid-19 and a number of other factors rocked a lot of plans in 2021, so we sat down with Danny to find out what he expected of the role he embarked on back in July, how it’s going and his plans for 2022 and our Cornerstone program. 

1. Danny, can you tell us a bit about your background and how it has helped you with your role as Chubb’s Cornerstone Key Account Manager?

I’ve worked across Claims, Underwriting and Distribution over the past 19 years, most recently with QBE, leading their Vic/Tas Sales business. I’ve built strong relationships within the market which have certainly helped since I touched down with Chubb in July. I think a fresh set of eyes in any business never does any harm.

2. What have you most enjoyed about your time at Chubb so far?

I’ve always been about people and customers. Thankfully, I’m dealing with a number of familiar customers as well as some terrific new ones around the country. The Chubb people astound me on a daily basis. Their talent, passion and energy for their craft is completely infectious and you can’t help but be completely inspired.

3. Have you come across any challenges in your new role?

Thankfully yes, otherwise life would be way too dull! The challenge is always part of the attraction to a role and this one comes with many, as it does with everyone working in our industry at the moment. Covid-19 and regulatory reform are more than enough for everyone to be getting on with but they’re also opportunities. As the saying goes, “never waste a good crisis.”

4. What will be your main focus in 2022; Q1 and beyond?

I think continuing to work with our Cornerstone partners to enhance the value proposition. That has historically been built based on feedback rather than our own assumptions so I’m looking to our partners to inform our decisions in how we continue to add genuine value through the proposition.

5. Tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe your working style and your relationship with clients?

My working style I would describe as inclusive and collaborative. Be that internally or externally, working together to find solutions to problems is where I thrive.

6. What are 3 things you enjoy doing outside of work?

Time with family and friends is always precious so anything involving them is enjoyable to me. I’m into most sports so participating or following my favourite teams is a must. Finally, constantly trying to stay in reasonable shape so I look for the most enjoyable ways to do that. If I’m out for a run or a ride, it gives me the chance to indulge in one of my other passions being music. I’ve accumulated a reasonable vinyl collection during the pandemic in the spirit of not wasting a crisis.