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How insurers and brokers collaborate to service our mutual clients is now more critical than ever. Aaron Turner, Chubb’s Claims Client Relationship Manager A&NZ, leads our panel of dedicated claims relationship managers, and below he provides some details about the Chubb claims service offering and support available for our broker partners.  

Aaron, can you summarise what the Claims Relationship Manager role entails?

The role is being the dedicated contact for claims service issues across all business lines for our Major Accounts, Mid-Market and SME clients.  The role is very client focused and solution orientated, one minute I could be presenting to a broker on our SME claims capabilities or putting together a bespoke claims protocol, the next I could be assisting with resolving an impasse on a complex claim for a Major account client. It’s incredibly varied and I work with all parts of the business, from underwriting, marketing, legal and of course claims.

How can brokers contact their Chubb CCRM?

If a broker requires claims specific support or assistance they can reach out to me at or alternatively, they can get in touch with their dedicated Chubb CRM to discuss claims service and support.

Are Chubb’s Claims Handlers Working from home at the moment?

Like many businesses, most Chubb Australia employees are working from home in response to the COVID-19 situation. It is important to be aware that Chubb’s claims staff are still available to assist despite not being in the traditional office setting. Regardless of the situation we find ourselves in, we are still committed to delivering the same high standard of claims service so please take this opportunity to let us know how we are doing, and more specifically, how our claims service is.

What have you found to be the biggest challenges from a Claims perspective in 2020 so far?

A large amount of my role involves meeting clients to discuss bespoke claims service solutions. Given COVID-19, travel has been off the table, so we have all had to adapt and find new ways to interact. We all know of the challenge videoconferencing can bring! There’s nothing like turning up at a client’s door to focus the mind on the subject in hand and to get the job done. My experience is that videoconferencing doesn’t always have the same outcome, so it’s important to ensure we are organised to drive projects to conclusion, so things don’t get put to the side or remain incomplete for any longer than is necessary.

What have been the biggest highlights for 2020?

Highlights for me are being involved in new business and renewal discussions with underwriters and brokers. Being engaged in the process really shows that claims is thought of as a critical function by the business. The value that claims brings to the Chubb brand cannot be underestimated. Claims performance is a major consideration that influences whether or not an insurer wins the business and I’m convinced that our reputation in the market goes a long way to helping our underwriters secure business. Working with our Global Client Executives and Underwriters ensures a true collaborative approach to our current and potential clients.