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Chubb Risk Bulletins

Chubb Risk Engineering Services comprises a global network of more than 400 experienced in-house risk engineering professionals with an average company tenure of almost 12 years. Chubb has offered customised risk management programs and services to Chubb clients for over 70 years.

This broad experience and expertise has enabled us to produce a series of Risk Bulletins regarding key industry issues.

These bulletins draw from the lessons we have learned from large losses, the expertise of industry best practice and recognised local and international standards. 

Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) cladding has been used on the exterior of buildings in Australia for over 30 years. If the cladding is combustible, fire can spread rapidly on the exterior of the building and present a significant risk to occupants and property. 

Chubb Risk Engineering Services has produced a Risk Bulletin to help brokers and their clients understand and evaluate the level of risk on buildings clad with ACP.

The bulletin contains the following information: 

  • Key risk factors
  • How to identify ACP
  • ACP product specifications
  • Fire risk considerations for ACP clad buildings

Hazardous Toys

Are you about to buy a child a toy for Christmas? How confident are you that your gift will not place the child at risk?

Every year regulators mandate the recall of unsafe or defective toys. An even larger number are voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer or supplier. 

It may sound alarmist but precautions must be taken at Christmas or other times of the year when toys are prevalent.

Chubb Risk Engineering Services has produced a Risk Bulletin regarding hazardous and defective toys.


Whether it’s hand-held sparklers or a Roman candle, fireworks are an essential part of any New Year’s celebration. Unfortunately, the awe and spectacle of fireworks often mean the risks are overlooked.

Did you know that a simple sparkler can burn as hot as a blowtorch? If a small firework can cause serious burns, what can a large firecracker do?

In the lead-up to the holiday season, Chubb has produced 10 precautions to help keep your New Year celebrations incident free.

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