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The Chubb 2021 Cornerstone program launches virtually

In February, we launched the Cornerstone program for 2021. The program launch normally coincides with the Cornerstone Directors Summit, but with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the threat of ‘snap’ lockdowns, we were not able to launch this year’s program in-person with Directors from our most valued Key Independent Broker Partners. So Jason Hawksworth (Head of Distribution, Chubb Australia) and Craig Robson (CEO, Aviso Group) will have to wait another year to defend their doubles title from 2020!

As they say,“the show must go on” and this year we launched the 2021 Cornerstone program via live stream from the Chubb office in Sydney. Joining us in each of the Chubb Branches were locally based senior leaders from all 23 Cornerstone partners.

Hosted by Jason Hawksworth, we featured key presentations from Peter Kelaher, Country President Chubb Australia; Blain Waterford, Head of Retail A&NZ; Michelle O’Dowd, Head of PRS A&NZ; Aaron Turner, Claims Client Relationship Manager A&NZ; and Ross McCallum, Head of Independent Brokers.

Chubb’s Executive Leadership team took our Key Cornerstone Partners on a ‘deep dive’ across a number of topics, including Chubb’s Global and Australian financial results; our people and culture focus; our new Digital Business Accelerated campaign in partnership with Accenture; updates across P&C, A&H, IPL, the Cornerstone claims benefit, and a Chubb Small Commercial segment update.

Ross McCallum, Head of Independent Brokers; reiterated the Cornerstone value proposition and commitment to our 2021 Cornerstone partners; as well as announcing what’s new for this year. His presentation included:

  • A huge welcome to our new Cornerstone partner, Austbrokers Comsure;
  • Chubb Cornerstone Service Charter, our vision for enhanced underwriting service;
  • IBISWorld, a sales and marketing initiative only available to our Cornerstone partners;  
  • 2021 Cornerstone Academy, our annual leadership development program for our high-performing Cornerstone partners.  

Following the launch, our local Chubb leaders hosted events concurrently across five cities, with a total of 40 brokers from our Cornerstone partners.

For more information on the 2021 Cornerstone program, please contact your local Chubb Key Account Manager