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Management Liability Insurance

Whether it’s cyber attacks or extortion, private companies like yours face unanticipated and often complex risks that can impact your reputation and bottom-line. This policy features coverage and benefits designed to address these serious risks and protect your company and management team, so you can focus on the things that matter most – business growth.

Coverage Highlights

What it covers

This policy is divided into seven modules that include six coverage sections each with their own limit, subject to a policy maximum limit of liability.

Directors and Officers Liability

  • Provides cover for claims against directors and officers for any actual or alleged wrongful acts in the performance of their duties
  • Cyber privacy and confidentiality extension
  • Unlimited run-off cover for retired directors and officers
  • Full limit for investigation and pre-investigation costs
  • No pollution exclusion for directors and officer liability section

Corporate Legal Liability (Entity Cover)

  • Provides cover for claims against the company for any actual or alleged wrongful acts
  • Specific public relations expenses extension
  • Breach of contract defence costs extension
  • Tax audit expenses extension

Statutory Liability

  • Provides cover for investigations, defence and possible penalties that may be awarded for a statutory breach
  • Emergency defence costs extension
  • Work health and safety extension

Employment Practice Liability

  • Provides cover for actual or alleged employment-related wrongful acts by or against employees
  • Contractual liability defence costs extension
  • Broad definition of ‘Employment-related Wrongful Act’
  • Worldwide cover excluding USA and Canada 

Employee Dishonesty 

  • Provides cover for direct financial loss to the company resulting from a fraudulent or dishonest act of an employee
  • Full limit for investigator costs to determine direct financial loss
  • Worldwide cover excluding USA and Canada

Kidnap and Extortion 

  • Provides cover for loss arising from kidnapping, hijacking, wrongful detention, extortion, cyber extortion and political threat 
  • Broad definition of ‘Insured’ and ‘Loss’
  • Cyber extortion expense cover for threats made against the company


  • Access to the e*Placement online insurance solution 
  • Insureds have access to a legal helpline where they may seek up to two hours of free legal advice from a law firm concerning any matter related to the risk insured by the policy 
  • Chubb's Australian Financial Lines claims team are experts in management liability
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