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In recent times, more and more property owners, managers and executives have been held accountable for the injuries and deaths caused by fires and other accidents on their property. Our services don’t only help identify and evaluate these hazards; they also provide strategies in tragedy prevention and risk mitigation, so you can safely build your business.

Service Highlights

Our approach

  • Comparisons of local and international risk management and loss prevention standards
  • Recent research data and actual loss histories
  • Insurance industry expectations

We employ a consultative approach with our clients as we understand that, while loss improvements can be achieved for little or even no cost, there may be a need to budget for capital expense improvements. Often, short-term solutions can be applied to reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level within the process of broader, long-term plans.


  • Builds risk management awareness within an organisation
  • Assists risk managers in establishing priorities
  • An easy to understand scoring system to help identify key areas for improvement
  • Promotes a risk management culture/improvement throughout the organisation
  • Allows comparisons across a large portfolio through a comparative rating system
  • Easy analysis for each location on a year-by-year basis and category of risk
  • Assists in identifying common problem areas that may exist

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