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General Property Package Insurance

If your business involves mobile assets critical to its success, it makes sense to insure them against damage or loss. Our comprehensive policy ensures that these assets – from trade tools and computers to vehicles – are adequately protected. By also covering expenses necessarily incurred as a result, you can get on with business with minimum impact. 

Coverage Highlights

What it covers

Chubb’s General Property Package policy includes four core covers:

Section 1 - Material Damage – Static
Covers mobile assets whilst static – ability to offer worldwide cover

Section 2 - Material Damage – Transit
Covers mobile assets whilst in transit – ability to offer worldwide cover

Section 3 - Hired in Equipment
Covers Hired in Equipment which the insured is legally liable to insure.

Section 4 - Increased Costs of Working
Covers additional expenditure necessarily and reasonably incurred following insured dama
ge under Section 1 or 2

Market specialisation

Chubb targets schedules greater than $1m in value for a wide variety of mobile assets, including:

  • Mobile electronic
  • Mobile medical
  • Survey equipment
  • Tools of trade
  • Light machinery (not self-propelled)
  • Theatrical
  • Exhibitions
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