Get Smart About Water Leaks

The surprise risk that could sink your home and finances

Get Smart About Water Leaks

A review of Chubb's proprietary data reveals that water damage instances are on the rise. In fact, water damage claims are now more costly than any other household incident, including fire and burglary. However, while most homeowners have locks, alarm systems and fire detectors installed, most are unaware of the threat of water damage and therefore largely unprepared for an incident.

By sharing our research findings, we want to arm homeowners with the information and tools required to protect themselves against the threat of water damage. 

What's in the report

The rising cost of water damage to Australian homes
The leading causes of water damage 
Water damage compared to other domestic property claims
Simple ways to keep your home safe and dry
Examples of how Chubb has assisted clients with water damage
Protect your home against the threat of water damage

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