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Cornerstone Academy

Chubb's continuous professional development

The Cornerstone Academy is an annual leadership development program for our high-performing Cornerstone partners. After seeing the professional success of previous Academy graduates, we were inundated with nominations for brokers to attend our 2021 program.

After an in-depth review, we proudly accepted 50 candidates into the 2021 Cornerstone Academy program across five major cities. In collaboration with Chubb’s Training Partner, 10,000 Hours, this year’s program was launched via webinar across four state-based cohorts.

Our first module, “Enhancing Personal Effectiveness in a Virtual World”, was a 2.5 hour module hosted by Alastair White from 10,000 Hours. The purpose of this module was to engage participants into thinking about their current approach to client consultation. Key themes included; Personal Brand, The Trusted Advisor, The 7 Channel Mixing Desk and Pathways to Presentation. Participants broke out into smaller groups throughout the session and were able to share and learn from other candidates’ experiences.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from attendees. Many had not given much thought to how they were perceived when presenting on WebEx or Zoom calls. Given the challenges of trading in the current economic environment, candidates picked up helpful tips for engaging clients that can be used both in-person and online.    

An exciting addition to this year’s Academy is an online portal, which includes quick 20 minute learning sessions and an opportunity for candidates to collaborate with others within their cohort throughout the year. 

Each year, the Cornerstone Academy program is offered to one Chubb staff member in each state. Joining our Cornerstone partners from Chubb are Scott Harris (NSW), Joanne Gamble (QLD), Fiona Lam (VIC), Leigh Harrison (SA) and Aaron Tomlinson (WA).

Congratulations to all 50 candidates who make up the 2021 Cornerstone Academy cohort. We are optimistic about returning to face to face training and workshops in the near future, with module two to follow in July 2021.

If you would like to hear more information about the Cornerstone Academy, please feel free to discuss with leaders at your Cornerstone brokerage or your local Chubb Key Account.

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