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The new path to competitive advantages and customer loyalty.

Direct marketing business is undergoing rapid change. As Chubb understands it, its role in all of this is not merely to be a producer of insurances but also a strong insurance partner who, through the targeted use of innovative insurance concepts, can support its collaboration partners in achieving their core objectives.

Our concept for success

  • Analysis of the available customer potential and development of insurance concepts adapted to the target group concerned, in close consultation with our partners
  • Comprehensive knowledge of sales of insurance products together with attractive commission schemes
  • Competent integration of statutory parameters (intermediary guidelines, data protection, direct marketing)

The Advantages for you

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty as the result of exclusive product advantages and clear terms and conditions
  • Successful new customer acquisition as the result of attractive insurance benefits which are available as add-ons to the core product
  • All-round service throughout the entire process, i.e. from the time of planning the campaign, to the smooth running of the project, and all the way through to project analysis

The advantagesfor you customers

  • First-class customer service and advice
  • Maximum flexibility with no long-term contractual commitment
  • 100% benefit in addition to statutory and other insurances
  • Immediate insurance coverage
  • Rapid and simple claims handling process