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Fair partnership

Due to the partnerships which we have had for several years now with many different network brokers, we have excellent experience in this field. Why don't you become one of our collaboration partners too?

Advantages - We as a partner of Network Brokers:

  • Bespoke products
  • Innovative processes
  • Attractive pricing
  • Comprehensive additional benefits (non-charged)
  • Wide multinational network

Attractive Products and Processes

When working with selected network brokers, we adhere to the idea of the continual further development of products and processes

Individual support in terms of advice and further developement

Our experts provide technical contributions at events or hold their own workshops which brokers are invited to attend.

Supplemental Products

Mastercover® which is available for purchase online, offers standardised group accident and personal accident insurance. It can be easily integrated into the existing network broker product portfolio.

Dread Disease, the innovative additional module available under the Group Accident Insurance, providing protection against the most frequent critical illnesses of cancer, heart attack and stroke, completes the product concept of any network broker.