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Walter Lentsch is the Legal Representative of Chubb European Group SE, Direktion für Österreich and Country President of new Chubb in Austria.

Before ACE acquired Chubb, he had been Legal Representative and Country President of ACE European Group in Austria since January 2010.

Lentsch is responsible for all areas of the Austrian branch. This includes strategies, operational management and profit-oriented growth.

Based in Vienna, he reports to Andreas Wania, Country President of Chubb in Germany.

Lentsch has been with the insurer since 2006. Before his position as Country President he was responsible as Manager Sales & Marketing for the branch in Austria.

Walter Lentsch has a total of 35 years’ experience in the field of insurance. Before working for ACE he worked in various positions of increasing responsibility for international insurance brokers in Austria.

Version: Nov 2018