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The Chubb Surety Customer Experience

"We take pride in having Chubb as our surety partner because we know how selective they are. Chubb's commitment to our business tells me they'll be there for us for the long haul." -- CFO of a midsized road construction firm


“Chubb believes that the mettle of our people and core values of our company are just as important as our business metrics. They understand that every project has its risks and rewards. They trust us to run our business, and we know they’ll be there when it counts.” -- CEO of a national electrical contractor


“Over 30 years I’ve seen markets come and go and I’ve seen markets downgraded, but I’ve never had to worry about Chubb. Their business actions and decisions are stable and consistent, offering assurance that they will be there when needed.” -- Surety broker


"If my initial surety request doesn't work for Chubb, they often don’t just turn me away but will attempt to work with me and come up with an alternative workable solution." -- Surety broker


"Chubb believes in our business, and there is great mutual respect of the long-term relationship. They do their due diligence upfront and then let us execute our business strategy. They believe in our management team." -- Surety and credit director for a national construction firm


"We went through the 'we want to be your construction co-surety, now we don't' phase with another construction surety, and what I remember most about our lead surety Chubb at that time was their straightforward message to us: 'No matter what happens with the other surety, regardless of the reason, we trust you, we are your long-term partner and we will be there for you over the long haul.'" -- President and CEO of a large construction contractor


Think RELATIONSHIP. Think Chubb.