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A Policy of Integrity And Compassion
Broader Coverages Backed By World Class People

Chubb wrote the book on insurance coverage for fine homes and possessions. Whether you have a centuries-old row house or a custom built contemporary, Chubb knows the value of your home and what it would take to replace it in the event of a major loss.

You can also enjoy our top tier coverage for the luxury SUV in your garage or the classic Mercedes beside it. Whatever you drive, we can cover you with a policy that won't penalize you for depreciation or mandate use of a sub-standard "in network" only shop in the event of an accident.

And whatever your collecting passion, whether fine art, jewelry, wine, coins, or nearly anything else; our Valuable Articles coverage sets yet another quality standard that other carriers struggle to meet. Just as importantly, when it comes to the safety of your family and assets, we can offer liability limits that many insurers can't.