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Outlining the Risks of the Business Traveler, Insurance Journal, October 2011
Agents should consider these factors when presenting accident and health products.

The Growing Risks of Social Media, Insurance Journal, July 2010
Companies need to think global when they consider the risks and rewards associated with social media.

Growth of Clean Tech Industry Delivers New Exposures, Opportunities, Insurance Journal, April 1l 2011
Chubb's Kathleen Ellis discusses the risks and opportunities associated with the booming clean tech industry.

Liability for Chinese Companies, Best's Podcast, November 30, 2010
Steve Pozzi, executive vice president, Chubb & Son, and chief operating officer for Chubb Commercial Insurance, discusses the basics of managing liability issues involving Chinese companies.

China Tort Reforms Hike Western Risks , Best's Review, December 2010
U.S. and European companies, and their Chinese counterparts, may now face greater risk of litigation for product defects.

Airing Out the Issues of Money Laundering , Insurance Journal, March 2010
Chubb's Kathleen Ellis talks about how the international community is stepping up its effort to fight money laundering and what the implications of these efforts mean for insurers.

The Canadian Difference , Risk Management, September 2009
Chubb's Ellen Moore discusses the often misunderstood differences between the U.S. and Canadian insurance markets

The Changing German Landscape,   Risk Management, June 2009
For multinational companies with operations in Germany   -or those interested in doing business there- it is important to stay abreast of Germany   ’s quickly evolving regulatory environment, says Chubb Country Manager Thierry Daucourt.

Crime and Fraud in Mexico , Risk Management, April 2009
While many types of crimes are in the rise in Mexico, workplace fraud has become one of the biggest concerns. Although fraud is a global problem, it is especially serious in Mexico, according to Chubb Country Manager, Juan Segura.

Cyber Security: Global Risk and Rising Complexity , Insurance Journal, July 6, 2009
Multinationals are fighting a battle on two fronts when it comes to cyber security as they seek to fend off new emerging security risks and also comply with evolving global regulations., according to Senior Vice President Kathleen Ellis.

60 Seconds with Kathleen Ellis, Business Facilities, October 2008
Chubb Senior Vice President Kathleen Ellis discusses multinational risk for small businesses and how these companies are affected by the current economic crisis.

Chubb Senior Vice President Kathleen Ellis on Multinational Risk , BestDay, September 17, 2008
Chubb Senior Vice President Kathleen Ellis discusses multinational risk. She explains the challenges and the issues insurers face in providing international coverages.

Time For Independent Agents to Go Global , Insurance Journal, March 24, 2008
Independent agents can compete with large global brokers by adding value and providing worldwide reach to clients of all sizes.

Minimizing Risks for Global Catastrophes, Insurance Journal, June 4, 2007
By working with an insurer with a global network of offices, emphasizing loss control, and developing and testing a rigorous business recovery plan, multinational companies can limit their potential losses from a catastrophe.

A New Direction for Directors and Officers Coverage , Insurance Journal, February 26, 2007
Changes in attitudes, lawsuits, statutes worldwide force global companies to buy locally-admitted D&O.



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