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What If Your Sprinkler System Fails?, Well Informed, December 2013
Maintaining reliability is an essential component of a fire protection system. 

Models Not Oracles, Best's Review, September 2012
Technology is a great asset, but it's still up to us to analyze and price risk correctly.

Great Policies to Avoid Very Bad Trouble, The Financial Manager, September 2012
Media companies who send staff out in vehicles in pursuit of stories, or whose employees operate any vehicles for company purposes, need to assess the risks their people face both in extraordinary and more “ordinary” circumstances.

Are Your Clients Still Insurable?Best's Review, March 2012
Recession survival tactics by some commercial insureds could jeopardize their ability to find coverage now.

Distracted Driving: What's Your Company's Policy?, Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers, November 2011  Distracted driving is a problem that is receiving major attention across the country.

Burning Rubber, Best's Review, August 2011
Even parked and with the motor off, your hot rod can fuel an inferno.

Keep Employees' Eyes on the Road, Best's Review, June 2011
Distracted driving policies can help offset risks of both inattentive and preoccupied drivers.

Can You Hear Me Now?, Professional Safety, November 2010
Noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. Workplace hearing conservation programs are a key defense, but gaps in these programs are missed opportunities to prevent hearing loss. 

Planning for Natural Disasters,  Printing Industries of America: The Magazine, May 2010
Most companies are vulnerable to natural disasters and can take steps to mitigate the risk.

Avoiding Catastrophe, Best's Review, June 2010
Aggregation of exposure can be a hindrance for agencies and brokers, says Steve Pozzi. Read the article and listen to the podcast.

What's Your Plan?, Best's Review, September 2009
As the definition of infracture broadens, so can the risks, according to Steve Pozzi.

Monitor, Measure and Manage ERM, Best's Review, June 2009
Improved IT systems can bolster enterprise risk management initiatives, according to Steve Pozzi.  

Making the Best Of Bad Times, Best's Review, March 2009
In an economic downturn, insurance carriers can help solve customers' problems so they're ready to compete in the next upturn, according to Steven Pozzi.

Interactive Learning at Chubb's Loss Control University, Fire Protection Contractor, February 2009
Hands-on training can help students better understand and retain fire protection concepts, according to Sam Lee.

Total Recall, The Journal of Commerce, September 22, 2008
A comprehensive product-recall plan can help companies respond rapidly to critical product integrity issues, thereby ensuring consumer safety and maintaining public confidence.


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