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Corporate Governance Frequently Asked Questions




Board Structure

How many directors serve on the Board of Directors?
Presently, fourteen. A current list of our directors can be found here.

Does the Board of Directors satisfy the independence requirements of the New York Stock Exchange?
Yes. Thirteen of our fourteen directors are independent, with the one exception being John D. Finnegan, our Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Do your Audit Committee, Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee and Organization & Compensation Committee satisfy the independence requirements of the New York Stock Exchange?
Only independent directors serve on each of these committees.

Do you have a Lead Director?
James M. Zimmerman, an independent director, presently serves as Lead Director.

What is the function of the Lead Director?
The Lead Director ensures that our Board of Directors remains independent of management by acting as an intermediary between the non-employee directors and management when special circumstances exist or communication out of the ordinary course is necessary.

How often do your independent directors meet in executive session without any members of management?
Our independent directors meet in executive session without any members of management after most regularly scheduled board meetings.


Director Nominations

Where can I find information about the qualifications and other factors that the Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee evaluates in selecting nominees to serve as directors?
This information is available in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Will the Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee consider individuals I suggest as potential director nominees?
Yes. The Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee considers suggestions from many sources, including shareholders, regarding possible candidates for director. The procedures a shareholder wishing to propose a director candidate should follow are described in our Bylaws and Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Contacting Our Board of Directors and Audit Committee

How can I contact your Board of Directors?
The procedures for contacting our board of directors, the Chairman of the Board, the Lead Director or any individual director can be found in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Who should I contact if I have a concern about Chubb's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters?
Contact the Audit Committee. The procedures for relaying concerns about our accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters are described in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.



Where can I find information about Chubb’s management?
Information about our senior officers can be found here.


Corporate Governance Materials and SEC Filings

Where can I obtain copies of your corporate governance documents?
Copies of our certificate of incorporationBy-Lawskey committee charterscorporate governance guidelinescodes of business conduct  and ethics and other materials are available on this Web site. Shareholders may also request copies of these materials by writing to:

Corporate Secretary
The Chubb Corporation
15 Mountain View Road
P.O. Box 1615
Warren, NJ 07061-1615

Where can I find copies of your SEC filings?
Copies of our most recent SEC filings are available on this Web site. The SEC maintains a Web site at that contains our SEC filings since 1994. Shareholders also may obtain copies by writing to our Corporate Secretary at the address provided above.


Commitment to Diversity

Where can I find information on your commitment to diversity?
Information regarding our commitment to diversity can be found here.


Transfer Agent

Who serves as your transfer agent?
Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc.


Independent Auditor

Who serves as your independent auditor?
Ernst & Young LLP



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