Professional liability claims
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We all make mistakes. But a mistake that is made whilst providing professional services means you can be open to claims of negligence. The following examples highlight the types of risks you face.

Copyright laws
A graphic designer used pictures in a client’s brochure and inadvertently breached copyright laws. Compensation of £30,000 was sought from the designer by the client for the redesign, reprint and delay of the brochure, and by the artist for the copyright breach.  

Background check
A recruitment consultant was held liable for the near failure of a business that employed one of his clients as sales director. The consultant had neglected to make a thorough background check on the candidate, which subsequently established he had been previously dismissed from a similar position. A settlement of £100,000 was made.

Design specification
After unveiling the completed interior design and decoration of a suite of business meeting rooms, the client claimed that it did not meet their specified requirements and sought compensation from the interior designer. The claim was settled for £20,000 to cover the cost of re-doing the work to the original specification, and the delay to the rooms being available for use.