Chubb Specialty Insurance

Chubb is a global leader in directors and officers liability insurance. We understand the ever-changing risks and exposures facing executives and, backed by superior financial strength, offer comprehensive protection for them and their companies worldwide.

MASTERPLUS - for private companies.
MASTERPROTECT - for public (listed) companies.

Both policies offer the following as standard:

  • Advancement of defence costs as and when incurred
  • Emergency defence costs can be incurred without our consent
  • Extradition proceedings: cover for your defence costs, whichever countries are involved
  • Manslaughter proceedings: cover for defence costs
  • Full policy limit available for legal representation expenses in formal investigations; no restrictions on industry-wide investigations or on territory
  • Insured v insured person claims: not excluded, unless brought in the USA or based on US law (and, even then, there is cover for defence costs and for some types of claim)
  • Extended reporting period (ERP) options available, including a free 6 year ERP for retired insured persons; options available whether it is you or us who does not renew the policy
  • Several types of pollution claim covered
  • Outside directorship cover extends to any outside entity in which your company or one of your subsidiaries holds a share; also includes directorships in US entities as long as they are not publicly traded
  • Newly-acquired companies: in many cases, automatically covered; acquisitions above certain thresholds must be reported to Chubb, but then this will trigger an automatic 90 days (from acquisition) of cover

MASTERPLUS also offers:

  • Additional limit for loss which law or insolvency prevents your company or a subsidiary from reimbursing the insured person
  • Additional free limit for defence costs
  • Compensation for court attendance and staff disruption (subject to a sublimit)
  • Allocation: Chubb pays 100% of defence costs on account of an allegation made against both an insured person and your company or a subsidiary, if both use the same lawyers

MASTERPROTECT also offers:

  • Public offerings and private placements outside the USA do not have to be notified to us