Charity & non-profit organisations

The need for liability insurance

For charities and non-profit organisations, and their trustees, life can be as commercial and as complicated as it is for commercial companies and their directors.  In fact, much of the law and regulation relating to charities and non-profit organisations is arguably more complex, involving for example: trust and charity law; trustees’ investment duties; Charity Commission supervision; the role of the Financial Services Authority in the regulation of Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies; the Housing Corporation; the complications of unincorporated associations and clubs.  Many organisations struggle for funding and may not be able to dedicate as much resources to reducing claims exposure as they would ideally like.

The need for employee and officer theft insurance

Workplace fraud is today one of the major concerns of organisations and their leaders.  More than three-quarters of fraudulent incidents against organisations are committed by persons within.  Organisations give their employees and officers a great deal of authority and a substantial amount of information and control.

Workplace fraud can also be the most difficult fraud to detect.  Insiders rely on their knowledge of an organisation’s systems and controls not only to practise deceit, but also to cover their tracks.  As a result, internal thefts can go undetected for several years and in some cases have continued for more than a decade.  And all the time the losses are adding up before being discovered.


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Case studies

Real life examples of losses suffered by charities and non-profit organisations

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