Our employment practices liability policy
Chubb Specialty Insurance

Chubb have been providing employment practices liability (EPL) policies for many years, providing broad cover against employment related claims.

Our EPL policy pays defence costs and damages resulting from covered claims for wrongful employment practices brought by past, present or prospective employees against an organisation. Our policy also cover claims brought against an organisation's directors, officers or employees.

Features include:

  • Broad definition of wrongful employment practice
  • Covered loss includes damages for mental anguish, emotional distress and humiliation
  • Punitive, exemplary or aggravated damages
  • 100% of defence costs, up to the limit of liability, paid for all covered claims
  • Defence costs paid as and when incurred
  • Retaliation carve-back to many of the exclusions
  • No dishonesty exclusion
  • No avoidance or rescission for misrepresentation or non-disclosure (not even for fraudulent misrepresentation or non-disclosure). Cover limitations only for those individuals who knew of the non-disclosed or misrepresented the facts and for organisations where particular persons knew
  • Broad acquisition cover
  • World-wide coverage

What are wrongful employment practices?
There is an extensive list of employment related allegations including: wrongful or unfair dismissal; discrimination; harassment; wrongful disciplinary action; negligent evaluation; negligent references; retaliation against employee for whistle-blowing or exercising legal rights; failure to employ or promote; wrongful demotion; misrepresentation; defamation; invasion of privacy; breach of confidentiality and breach of data protection.

Chubb also provides access to ‘ForeSight’ – a loss minimisation service which includes a number of free benefits, whereby you can call a leading employment law firm for information and consultation services on employment matters.