Financial institutions

Financial service providers face a multitude of insurance issues. At Chubb, we understand the nature of the exposures facing such organisations because we’ve worked with many of them for a long time.

We are a recognised leader, with more than 40 years’ experience insuring financial institutions around the globe, and specialise in insuring all size of institution (based on assets, number of employees, funds under management and geographical spread). Our underwriters have a deep understanding of the range of financial institutions, from managing agents to venture capital (VCAP) firms and hedge funds, and have products tailored for many niche areas. We continually seek to innovate and enhance our products to address new market opportunities and changing customer requirements.

We provide a full range of bespoke covers for:

  • Venture capital asset protection
  • Fund protection
  • Hedge funds protection
  • Property fund protection
  • Fund Managers
  • Building Societies
  • Commercial/Retail Banks
  • Savings Banks
  • Asset management crime funds
  • Asset management crime VCAP
  • Asset managers/Investment Managers
  • and many more