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Cookies used by Chubb

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer and are commonly used on the internet. There are various types of cookies which perform different functions, such as analysing your browsing behaviour or to collect information about how visitor use a website, or to allow a website to remember choices you make. Some cookies gather personal information about you, other cookies do not.

At Chubb, we only use functionality cookies to help our guests navigate our site. These cookies do not gather any personal information about our customers. Instead, it logs an anonymous code which identifies users and this code "follows" the guests in their journey through the site. These cookies allow Chubb to analyse guests' use of our sites. This analysis helps us to better understand which areas of our sites are most useful and popular so we can plan improvements and updates accordingly. Chubb does not use cookies to retrieve information from a visitor's computer that was not originally sent in a cookie. This cookie is placed on a temporary basis only.

By using our site, you indicate your consent to Chubb's use of these cookies. If however, you do not want cookies to be used, it is possible to block some or all cookies. To find out more, please visit which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of desktop browsers.