Thermal imaging
Loss Control Solutions

Thermal imaging detects areas of unusual temperature in operating equipment and machinery. As part of a loss control evaluation Chubb can provide infrared thermography services.

If high temperatures are detected it could be indicative of a fault. Left undetected, they can be very damaging to your business, resulting in equipment failures or fires. In fact statistics show that up to 30% of industry fires are due to an electrical fault.

The infra-red camera is an excellent preventative maintenance tool, which together with the interpretation of our highly trained thermographer, can be used to prevent losses and interruption to the business function.

Today, Chubb has over 70 certified infrared thermographers around the world. Thermal imaging is non-destructive and non-evasive, meaning it’s a good option for businesses that want to test their equipment but can’t afford any downtime. Whether it’s evaluating an electrical distribution system under load or any other type of mechanical or electrical equipment, Chubb can help. Chubb will also present you with a fully documented report of the findings.

Benefits of infrared thermography testing:

  • Non-destructive
  • Reduces downtime which can cause an unwanted interruption to your business
  • Increases safety
  • Can be used without affecting the normal operation of your equipment, therefore  production is unaffected
  • Helps you use your maintenance recourses more efficiently

To help you further in understanding our infrared thermography services here is a sample report from a loss control evaluation.