Marine excess of loss
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Part of the global marine portfolio of Chubb, the excess of loss account covers a wide range of marine interests on an excess of loss treaty basis.

The account can provide whole account and specific class coverage on a risk and/or catastrophe format.  We are able to offer all marine classes with the principal coverage including hull, cargo, specie, marine liability and offshore energy lines.  We write principally on losses occurring during a specific period but we are also able to offer risk attaching coverage.

We are recognised leaders within the London market with a normal maximum contract line of $5m.  We specialise in designing reinsurance programmes for local domestic insurance companies, worldwide, and also participate on a number of the larger international programmes placed on a global basis.

We offer some of the best excess of loss security in the global market.  Chubb earns consistently high ratings for financial strength from A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s, meaning our customers can depend on us to respond to claims today and in the future.
Financial strength also enables us to invest in services for customers and Chubb’s detailed approach to risk analysis and significant Marine expertise enables Chubb to provide a long term reinsurance solution providing stability and security for your Marine portfolio.

We regularly travel to visit clients around the world to gain first hand experience of the local market conditions.  We deal with a large number of the broker network which enables Chubb to underwrite a broad spread of business.