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Contractors pollution liability
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Contractors face many pollution risks stemming from operations at their job sites. These include contaminated soil disposal and the accidental release of fuel oil, chemicals and toxic gasses from broken pipelines, utilities and stationary and mobile fuel tanks. Contractors pollution liability insurance helps protect against a wide range of pollution risks associated with construction projects. We cover liabilities for property damage, bodily injury and remediation costs arising from past and future pollution incidents.

  • Off-site clean-up costs are covered (remediation costs) - to the extent required by environmental law
  • Emergency expenses - to deal with the consequences of a pollution incident before likely serious harm to human health or serious environmental damage actually arises
  • Indemnity for directors and employees
  • Extended reporting period up to 48 months following policy termination available (where renewal of policy not required)
  • New liabilities under the European Environmental Liability Directive (Directive No. 2004/35/CE) can be covered if and when required
  • Cover provided for the inadvertent disturbance of historical pollution
  • Multiyear policy terms (up to 5 years)
  • Insurance for all named insured operations or per project
  • Insurance for completed operations
  • Tour policy can have a fixed term or be extended for claims made in the future.
  • Remediation costs include restoration costs
  • Optional coverage for transportation of cargo
  • If the contractors employer takes out the cover then we have a programme for entire projects that includes:
    - Completed operations coverage
    - Owner or prime contractor/subcontractors included as additional named insureds
    - One - or multiyear project terms

Types of contractors we have insured include:

  • General contractors, including commercial, residential, municipal, highway/road,   infrastructure, maintenance, mechanical, demolition, industrial and excavation
  • Trade contractors, including heating and ventilation contractors, paving, carpentry and concrete
  • Specialty contractors, including foundation, pipeline and tank installation and drillers
  • Remediation contractors
  • Private finance initiative (PFI)/Public private partnership (PPP) projects