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Photographic equipment
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Chubb have had 15 years experience in insuring photographic equipment in response to the need for specialist cover for this industry. We are also affiliated with the Association of Photographers. Our bespoke package policy is available exclusively through Williamson Carson, the appointed brokers for the Association of Photographers and the broker experts in photographic insurance.

Our photographic equipment cover is designed exclusively for specialist photographers such as:

  • Advertising
  • Architectural
  • Corporate
  • Food and drink
  • Landscapes
  • Reportage
  • Travel
  • Wedding

We will cover you for:

  • Theft of or accidental damage to equipment, props, sets, wardrobe, portfolio and laptops
  • Accidental injury to any employee involved in a shoot
  • Damage to a third party’s property involved in the production
  • Theft of money
  • Increased cost of working

Here are two examples of mishaps that Chubb’s photographic equipment package policy has covered:

  • Whilst trekking in the jungle in West Papua to photograph a tribe, a client of ours had to cross a series of bridges to get to his destination. To cross a rickety wooden bridge he had to sit on it and inch slowly across. He lost his balance, and grabbed a strut on the side of the bridge only to find it was rotten. He ended up-side-down, but managed to save himself by hanging on with his knees. He lost his camera as it fell from around his neck and we replaced it for him.
  • On location in Trinidad, a reportage photographer placed his equipment into his vehicle to move a few hundred yards down the road. As he pulled away he realised that the rear door of the vehicle had swung open and some kit had fallen out. He immediately stopped the vehicle and went back to retrieve it only to find it had gone. He believed it had been stolen by a man who was watching him take the photos. We replaced all of his kit.